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Recreation Center Volunteer Opportunities

More Information on the Recreation Centers

Our recreation centers depend heavily on volunteers. Please choose an area that interests you, select a location that works for you, and return the volunteer forms provided on this site.  

Hobby and Special Interest

Share a skill, talent, hobby or special interest with others. Teach a class, lead a club after school, or share your passion for a special hobby or interest. Year-round opportunity at most all locations.


Homework Assistance

Provide guidance and assistance for elementary or middle schoolers with their homework. Assist with supervision in the homework room or computer lab. School year opportunity at most recreation center and Community Learning Center (CLC) locations.


Food Security

Volunteer service to support those who otherwise could go hungry. Opportunities include: help preparing the food back packs for weekend use by families; assist handing out supplies during the neighborhood food bank; meal support at F St. Community Center; assist with gardens. Back pack program at Everett, McPhee and Belmont CLC locations, other food security support at F St Community Center, many garden locations.


Facility Care

Wide variety of help is needed to keep things looking and running great. Sorting games pieces, organizing cupboards, cleaning storage rooms, windows, floors and walls are all needed to be our best. Year-round opportunity at all recreation center locations.


Program Support

Volunteers help our programs run smoother. Accompany a field trip, extra hands for a project, or another leader for an event. Year-round opportunity at all locations.


Special Events

Help make our events even more special with your volunteer service. Carnivals, Halloween, festivals and large group activities all may benefit from your help. Occasional need at various locations.


Community Service

Please call location of interest to discuss this opportunity.


Therapeutic Programs, Recreation for People with Special Needs

Assist individuals so they may actively engage in the activities. Your support and encouragement will help them improve their physical, cognitive and social skills through recreation, play and activities. Year-round opportunity at various locations.


Special Olympics

Special Olympics offer competitions in basketball, bocce, bowling, golf, flag football, roller skating, swimming, track & field, and volleyball. We also offer the Young Athletes program for ages 2-7. Coaches, assistants, peer helpers, scrimmage players, time keepers, and general supervision. Year-round opportunity at various locations.



Ager Indoor PlayCenter, 1300 S. 27th St., 68502
Deb Moyer, 402-441-6792,

Air Park West Recreation Center,3720 N.W. 46th St., 68524
, 402-441-7876,

Belmont CLC, 1234 Judson St., 68521
Melissa Kirkland, 436-1124,

Belmont Recreation Center, 1234 Judson St., 68521
Jean Gerlach, 402-441-6789,

Calvert Recreation Center 4500 Stockwell St., 68506
Doug Kasparek, 402-441-8480,

Day Structure Program #1 for adults with mental health issues, 6130 Adams St., 68507
Debra Williams, 402-441-7901,

Day Structure Program #2 for adults with medical/physical challenges, 6130 Adams St., 68507
Debra Williams, 402-441-7901,

Easterday Recreation Center, 6130 Adams St., 68507
Monica Manning, 402-441-7901,

Everett CLC, 1123 C St., 68502
Ryan Mohling, 402-560-0915,

F Street Community Center, 1225 F St., 68508
Dorothy Skorupa, 402-441-7951,

Irving Recreation Center, 2010 Van Dorn St., 68502
Dan Payzant, 402-441-7877,

McPhee CLC, 820 Goodhue St., 68508
Ryan Mohling, 402-560-0915,

Programs for People with Special Needs, 6130 Adams St., 68507
Kerry Zingg, 402-441-7877,

Special Olympics, 6130 Adams St., 68507
Kerry Zingg, 402-441-7877,

Special Olympics’ Young Athletes Program (ages 2-7), 6130 Adams St., 68507
Kerry Zingg, 402-441-7877,

Summer Day Camps, City wide, 2740 “A” Street, 68502
Terry Holthus, 402-441-6789,