Riding Around Town

Biking at Night

  • Use a headlight and red taillight when riding at night. It is actually the law in Lincoln to ride with both a headlight and a taillight at night.
  • Using a headlight which flashes is better at catching drivers' eyes and is best used when the light is not needed to see in front of you, such as during dawn, dusk or inclement weather, but added visibility is needed.
  • Using a headlight which steadily shines light is not as eye catching but makes it easier for drivers to judge your speed and distance. When riding on dark streets or trails, using the headlight in solid beam mode is important to be able to see what is in front of you. Generally, a headlight should shine about 35-50 feet in front of you when traveling at 15 miles per hour.
  • Use reflective clothing and reflectors. Reflective bands and patches which move while you ride, such as on your ankles, can be very eye catching to drivers.
  • Use headlights on paths after dark. It is important to use a headlight on paths at night not just for your own safety but also so that other trail users, particularly pedestrians, know you are there.