Riding Around Town

Trail Biking

Lincoln's Trails have many users throughout the year. All users share responsibility for the courteous use of them. Please follow these simple guidelines to make everyone's outing an enjoyable and safe one.

  • Please be respectful of all trail users.
  • Keep to the right. Trail users should keep to the right except when passing.
  • Pass on the left. Notify trail users when passing with a verbal notice of "on your left" or use a bell or horn. Acknowledge when others signal they are passing you.
  • Do not block the trail. When stopping, move completely off to the side of the trail.
  • Wear a helmet if you are riding a bicycle.
  • Ride at a safe speed. Slower traffic has the right of way.
  • Ride or run single file. Even if you are in a group, riding or running single file helps keep the trail clear of congestion and reduces the chances of an accident.
  • Pay attention while on the trails. While it is important to carry a cell phone for an emergency, it is also important to keep communication channels open and avoid using your cell phone or earphones.
  • Obey all road and trail signs.
  • Control your pet. Use a short leash and keep your pet to the edge and tight to your side when another trail user approaches. Pick up after your pet.
  • Using the trails in the dark - it is important to be seen during times of darkness or low light. Wear reflective clothing or use some form of illumination. Bicyclists are required to have front and rear lights and it is encouraged all trail users include some form of flashing light.
  • Respect public and private property.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails.

Who Yields the Trail?

  • Bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and others yield to equestrians
  • Bicyclists and skaters yield to walkers
  • Bicyclists yield to skaters
  • Downhill users yield to uphill users
  • Faster users yield to slower users