City of Lincoln
Planning Department
Planning Commission Agenda

NOTICE:    The Lincoln City/Lancaster County Planning Commission will hold
           a Special Public Hearing on Wednesday, May 12, 1999, at 1:00 p.m.
           in the City Council Hearing Room on the 1st Floor of the County-
           City Building, 555 So. 10th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, on the 
           items listed below.  For more information call the City-County
           Planing Department at 441-7491.

                           Wednesday, May 12, 1999


1.   The Planning Commission Review Edition of the City of Lincoln's
     six year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for FY 1999-2005.

2.   The draft FY 2000-2002 and FY 2003-2005 Transportation
     Improvement Program (TIP) for the Lincoln and Lancaster County

3.   Comprehensive Plan Amendment No. 94-36, requested by the
     Director of Planning, to amend the 1994 Lincoln City/Lancaster
     County Comprehensive Plan, Figure 38, "Lincoln Area Current
     and Future Trails Network," to include the Holmes Lake Park Trail.