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Planning Commission Agenda


NOTICE: The Lincoln City/Lancaster County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 28, 2007, at 1:00 p.m. in the City-Council Chambers, County-City Building, 555 South 10th Street, Lincoln Nebraska, on the following items. For more information, call the Planning Department, 441-7491.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Planning Commission action is final action on any item with a notation of "FINAL ACTION". Any aggrieved person may appeal Final Action of the Planning Commission to the City Council by filing a Notice of Appeal with the City Clerk within 14 days following the action of the Planning Commission. **

The Planning Commission action on all other items is a recommendation to the City Council or County Board.

[Commissioner Carlson absent] Approval of minutes of the regular meeting held March 14, 2007. ** APPROVED, 8-0 (Carlson absent) ** 1. CONSENT AGENDA: (Public Hearing and Administrative Action) PERMITS: 1.1 Special Permit No. 07005(550 K) , Yankee Hill Townhomes Community Unit Plan, for approximately 164 dwelling units, with requests to waive minimum lot width; minimum lot area; front, rear and side yard setbacks; to allow lots without frontage to a public street or private roadway; and to allow sanitary sewer running against street grade, on property generally located at S. 84th Street and Yankee Hill Road. *** FINAL ACTION *** Staff recommendation: Conditional Approval Staff Planner: Brian Will, 441-6362, Removed from Consent Agenda and had separate public hearing. Planning Commission 'final action': CONDITIONAL APPROVAL, as set forth in the staff report dated March 15, 2007, with amendment to Condition #2.1.5, 8-0 (Carlson absent). Resolution No. PC-01044. 2. REQUESTS FOR DEFERRAL 3. ITEMS REMOVED FROM CONSENT AGENDA (Public Hearing and Action): 3.1 _________________________________ 3.2 _________________________________ 4. PUBLIC HEARING AND ACTION: CHANGE OF ZONE: 4.1 Change of Zone No. 07011(668 K) , for landmark designation of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church at 1345 South 16th Street, on property located in the SW 1/4 of Section 25-10-6. Staff recommendation: Approval Staff Planner: Ed Zimmer, 441-6360, Had public hearing. Planning Commission recommendation: APPROVAL, 8-0 (Carlson absent). Public hearing before City Council tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 23, 2007, 1:30 p.m.
PENDING LIST: 1. Change of Zone No. 3321, requested by Michael T. Johnson, on behalf of West Gate, Inc., from R-7 Residential District to B-4 Lincoln Center Business District, on property generally located at 1729 M Street. (6-13-01: Planning Commission voted 6-0 to place on pending at the request of the applicant.) 2. Street and Alley Vacation No. 04013, to vacate all of the east-west alley in Block 65, Original Lincoln, bounded by 13th, 14th, "M" and "N" Streets, generally located at S. 13th Street & "M" Street. (3-16-05: Planning Commission voted 9-0 to place on pending until completion of the Downtown Master Plan at the request of the applicant.) 3a. Change of Zone No. 06082, from AGR Agricultural Residential District to R-3 Residential District, on property generally located at SW 40th Street and West A Street. (2-28-07: Planning Commission voted 7-0 to continue public hearing on April 25, 2007.) 3b. Preliminary Plat No. 06011, Woodland View 1st Addition, for 25 single family lots and 4 outlots, on property generally located at SW 40th Street and West A Street. The Planning Commission action on the plat is final, unless appealed to the City Council. The following waivers are also being requested: a) to allow sanitary sewer to run against the street grade and b) to allow sanitary sewer to be deeper than 15 feet. Any waiver requests that are recommended for denial by the Planning Department will be forwarded to the City Council for public hearing. If all waiver requests are recommended for approval, the Planning Commission action is final, unless appealed to the City Council. *** FINAL ACTION *** (2-28-07: Planning Commission voted 7-0 to continue public hearing on April 25, 2007.) Planning Dept. staff contacts:
Ray Hill, Development Review Manager 441-6371
Steve Henrichsen, Special Projects Manager 441-6374
Mike Brienzo, Transportation Planner 441-6369
Tom Cajka, Planner 441-5662
David Cary, Transportation Planner 441-6364
Mike DeKalb, Planner 441-6370
Christy Eichorn, Planner 441-7603
Brandon Garrett, Planner 441-6373
Sara Hartzell, Planner 441-6372
Brian Will, Planner 441-6362
Ed Zimmer, Historic Preservation Planner 441-6360
* * * * * The Planning Commission meeting which is broadcast live at 1:00 p.m. every other Wednesday will be rebroadcast on Sundays at 1:00 p.m. on 5 City-TV, Cable Channel 5.

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