City of Lincoln

2002 - 2008 Capital Improvements Program


Approved FY 2002/03 - 2007/08 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for the City of Lincoln. This document serves as the basis for the preparation of the City's Annual Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2002/03, which begins on September 1, 2002. The City's Annual Capital Budget only contains projects from the first year of the six-year CIP report.

The report is in PDF format

Table 1 - Summary of the Proposed Capital Improvements (105 K)
Table 2 - Funding Source Breakdown by Fiscal Year (78 K)
Table 3 - Projects Using General Revenue Funding (28 K)
Table 4 - Projects Using G.O. Bond Funding (98 K)

Finance Department

Fire and Rescue (554 K)

Parks and Recreation (844 K)

Public Works

Public Utilities Urban Development (511 K)

Lincoln Electric System (1180 K)

Lincoln City Libraries (481 K)

Area Agency on Aging (386 K)

Police Department (348 K)