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ePlan Submittal

Tips & Tricks

We will be posting ePlan Submittal tips and tricks as we come across them. If you are having ePlan Submittal problems, check here to see if someone else has had the same issue and discovered something that works well for them.

Want easier access to ePlan Submittal?

Add ProjectDox to your desktop or Favorites.

Located at the lower right of the ProjectDox login screen are the options to add a shortcut to your desktop or add ProjectDox to your favorites.

Drag and drop the desktop shortcut icon to your desk top. Click "yes" when asked if you want to move or copy files from this zone. Double click the icon on your desktop to access the the ProjectDox log in screen directly.

You can also click on the far right link to add ProjectDox to your favorites.

Screenshot of ePlan application

Want to view pdf files close to full screen?

Maximize your viewer window by opening files in a new window.

By default, the file will open on the right hand side of the same window. To open files in a new window, select the new window option before opening the file. This will make the viewer window larger and easier to see.

Screenshot of ePlan application

Having trouble seeing items on a pdf file?

If you are having a hard time seeing elements on the pdf drawing, try changing the background color in the viewer to something other than white.

This can make items that were difficult to see stand out.

Screenshot of ePlan application

Screenshot of ePlan application

Planning to be out of the office for a period of time?

Set an email rule to forward review request to someone else in your office.

Most, if not all, email clients (eg. Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes) allow you to set up email rules that automatically process incoming email messages.

You could set a rule that checks the subject line of incoming messages when they arrive for the phrase "New Task Assigned - Department Review" and forwards that to someone in your office. (Example shown is Microsoft Outlook.)

That person would then simply call the Project Coordinator (Planner) and ask to be added to the project to complete the review in your absense.

Remember to turn off the rule when you get back in the office.

Screenshot of ePlan application

Have you lost your comments in the middle of your work?

Save Your eForm Comments without completing your task.

Use the Save & Close button to save your work without completing your workflow task. This allows you to finish later if you are interrupted or need to do additional research before submitting your comments to the Project Coordinator (Planner). It also saves your work in the event of ProjectDox logging you out automatically due to the system idle time out.

When you have finished and are ready to send your comments to the Planner, click the "My Review Complete" button for Reviewers or "Complete" for Application Contacts.

Screenshot of ePlan application