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Dear customer: You were recently involved in a development application, which was completed. I hope that you will take the time to evaluate your experience in the processing of this application through the Planning Department. It will help us learn what we're doing right and where we can make more improvements. I promise to personally review all responses and respond to your comments and suggestions if you request it.

If you are a customer who recently filed an application in the Planning Department, please complete the form below to submit your comments. If you would like to share comments not specific to an application process, you may submit your comments directly to me via email at Thank you.

David R. Cary, Acting Director
Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department

Application Name or Number:
Type of Application:
Rezoning property (change of zone)
Amending the text of the zoning or subdivision ordinance or design standards
Subdividing land (preliminary & final plats)
Special permit, CUP, use permit or P.U.D.
Vacation of street or alley right-of-way
Historic landmark or landmark special permit
Compliance with Neighborhood Design Standards
Street Name Change
Administrative amendment to approved plan
Amendment to Comprehensive Plan
Annexation of land into the city
Variance through the Board of Zoning Appeals
Certificate of appropriateness or other review by the Historic Preservation Commission

  1. Were you the applicant, or the agent, or the owner?
  2. Who was the planner that was assigned to process your application?
  3. Tom Cajka Paul Barnes Steve Henrichsen
    David Cary Christy Eichorn Sara Hartzell
    Brian Will Ed Zimmer Brandon Garrett
    Stacey Hageman Kellee Van Bruggen

  4. Please rate your level of satisfaction with:
  5.  Very
    the final outcome for your application
    how long the process took
    how well staff explained any technical or policy issues relevant to your case
    how well staff explained the process to you
    staff courtesy

  6. Please provide any other comments or suggestions for the Planning Department that you think would improve service:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation. Your comments may remain anonymous if you prefer, or you can let us know how to respond by filling out the contact information below. You may also contact the Director any time with your concerns by telephone (402) 441-6364 or email:

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