Long Range Planning

reFORM: Zoning reFORMs for a New Chapter of City Building

reFORM Committees

The reFORM Advisory Committee was reconvened to review feedback received on the updated proposal.

Sept. 3, 2014
reFORM Committee and Planning Commission
PowerPoint Presentation
Meeting Notes

The reFORM Committees met from October-December 2013 to consider the reFORM package of proposals for commercial design standards and zoning changes. The Design Standards Subcommittee reviewed the proposed new design standards for commercial/mixed-use projects in Chapter 2 of the report. The Zoning Barriers Subcommittee reviewed the proposals to "remove zoning barriers" in Chapter 1 of the report.

Design Standards Subcommittee

  • Pat Anderson
  • Cathy Beecham
  • Jon Carlson
  • Curt Donaldson
  • Tim Gergen
  • Dave Johnson
  • JoAnne Kissel
  • Rick Krueger
  • Don Linscott
  • Sam Manzitto, Jr.
  • Michelle Penn
  • Dennis Scheer
  • Scott Sullivan
  • Lynn Sunderman
  • Zachary White
  • Derek Zimmerman

Zoning Barriers Subcommittee

  • Cathy Beecham
  • Jon Carlson
  • Michael Cornelius
  • Mike Eckert
  • Tim Gergen
  • Dave Johnson
  • DaNay Kalkowski
  • Rick Krueger
  • Jeanelle Lust
  • W. Don Nelson
  • Patte Newman