Capital Emphasis Plan - Financially Constrained

In this scenario we show only the financing that we are reasonably sure will be available in the next 30 years. This plan divides funding between new construction and maintenance of existing facilities in a way similar to the practice of recent years. This means most of the capital projects needed could be built, but maintenance funding is not adequate to keep facilities in good condition. View Current Funding Sources and Average Household Costs.

Capital Emphasis Plan Elements
Street Congestion Map
Street Project Map

Nearly all of the new projects shown in the Needs Based plan could still be accomplished in this plan.

Road maintenance would be minimized and it is projected that overall road condition would go from "good" to "poor" over the 30 year period.

Trail System
County Road Plan

About 70% of the planned trail system within the future service limit would be built out over the 30 year period.

Minimal funding would be available for replacement of certain trail facilities that is projected to be needed over the 30 year period.

This Plan would continue to have no formal bicycle and pedestrian program. Some small projects might be accomplished on an ad hoc basis.

The level of sidewalk repair and replacement would be significantly below projected needs.

Current transit services would continue, however, service level would be reduced as the city grew.