Comp Plan Amendment Comment Board

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Received December 14, 2011 via email from Merle Jahde

The proposal for amendment No.11001 to have more options for creating less than 20 acre lots is a positive for the county. It appears that the proposal "locks in" only 3-5 acre lot size. I would suggest having the ability to size the lot any size above the 3 acre size. This flexibility would fit some locations better.

Received October 18, 2011 via email from Marty Minchow

Since the Lord has given us another great day to harvest, we will not be able to attend the hearing at 5:00.

As you consider the changes we would like you to consider: -- Once land is taken out of agricultural production, it is very unlikely that it will ever return to production. -- There might be an initial gain in taxes collected, however, homes depreciate in value while a yearly planted crop continues to bring in revenue to the land owner and taxes to the county and state. -- We all know that when a farmer makes money so does the community. Farmers reinvest (machinery, land improvements, etc.) when they make a profit. -- How will farmers be able to continue to feed the world if productive farm ground is taken out of production? -- Didn't the President just sign a trade agreement with several countries for ag. products? -- Then too, who initiated this proposed change? Should the 'developers' on the board be able to vote on these changes or is it a conflict of interest? Thank you.

Received October 18, 2011 via email from Brian Gorman

I am writing to oppose the proposal to rezone the property between 148th and 162nd street north of Hwy 2 to commercial/industrial use. This is clearly an area that has been and is in the process of being developed for acreages and residential uses. In fact, a parcel was rezoned for residential use just a few years ago adjacent to this area. To now zone the area commercial/industrial does not fit with this plan that has already been implemented. In addition, there are no sewer or water sevices in the area adequate to serve a commercial or industrial use and the existing utilities are not capable of meeting those demands. There are better areas closer to Lincoln where these services are more readily available.

In addition, I am opposed to the proposal to change the 20-acre rule in subdividing agricultural property. Uncontrolled urban sprawl is already a problem in this area and this will only make it worse. I am originally from southern Wisconsin where this was a huge problem. Rural areas must be kept rural, don't make them into a suburb of Lincoln. My experience from Wisconsin is that urbanites move to a rural setting, realize it is more work than they anticipated and then either move away, or do their best to bring water, sewer, paved roads, curbside trash service, and all the amenities of the city with them. In effect, they make the rural area into an urban area, thus urban sprawl.

I appreciate your consideration in these matters. I will try to attend tonight's meeting as well, but may have a conflict.

Received October 17, 2011 via mail from Nicole Jensen, Realtors Association of Lincoln

Letter from Nicole Jensen, Realtors Association of Lincoln

Received October 13, 2011 via email from Justin Apel, Village of Bennet Chairman

Last evening the Village of Bennet board of trustees held their monthly meeting and reviewed your letter addressed September 30th regarding the L2040 plan and proposed zoning adjustment for future land use in the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan for the area of the highway 43 and highway 2 intersections. While we agree future land use plans are an important tool and help identify areas of development, without more specific details we hesitate to support the proposed amendment. The Village of Bennet's current comprehensive plan identifies areas for commercial and industrial development that we would encourage you and developers to consider prior to allowing current agriculture land to be modified to invite developers away from small communities that are currently struggling. Our community can support growth and would rather see adjustments to attract these types of opportunities closer to our city limits. Please feel free to contact our village office for a copy of our comprehensive plan and thank you for the opportunity to submit comment.