LPlan 2040 & LRTP

Dear Community,

In October of 2011, the City Council and Lancaster County Commissioners adopted an updated Comprehensive Plan for the City and County. LPlan 2040 looks ahead 30 years at how we can accommodate the expected growth in population and jobs in a way that preserves and enhances our quality of life. Click on the thumbnail on this page, or go to "The Plan" tab at the top of this webpage to view or print the Lincoln-Lancaster County 2040 Comprehensive Plan, called "LPlan 2040."

LPlan 2040 is the result of a two year long public process that included a tremendous amount of public input, and the guidance of a 20-person citizen committee called the LPlan Advisory Committee (LPAC). We are very grateful for all of the valuable input the community gave us during this process. You can review the major steps in the development of the Plan and the formal adoption process on "The Process" tab and review the details of LPAC's work on "The Committee" tab under meeting materials.

The development of the new City-County Comprehensive Plan was coordinated with the formulation of a companion document called the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP is consistent in all its principles and policies with the Transportation chapter of the City-County Comprehensive Plan, but it contains additional detail on finances and project priorities as required by the federal government to maintain our eligibility for federal transportation funds. The LRTP must be adopted by the Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), a separate agency with representation from City, County and State officials. The MPO Officials Committee adopted the 2040 LRTP on December 1, 2011. Click on "The Plan" tab at the top of this webpage to view or print the Adopted LPlan 2040 and 2040 LRTP.


Marvin Krout, Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Director