Maintenance Emphasis Plan - Financially Constrained

In this scenario we show only the financing we are reasonably sure will be available in the next 30 years. This plan would shift funding from new construction to maintenance of existing facilities. This shift of $7.5 Million per year is the maximum amount of funding that could be moved. Remaining capital funding is required to be spent on new construction. The reduction in capital funding would mean that many new roads and road widenings would not be built in the 30 year period, which could increase the level of congestion. This shift would not quite accomplish the maintenance level needed, but would be a significant improvement from the current level of funding. View Current Funding Sources and Average Household Costs.

Maintenance Emphasis Plan Elements
Street Congestion Map
Street Project Map

Only about 1/3 of projects and programs (those with the highest priority) shown in the Needs Based Plan would be accomplished, which would mean an increase in the amount of traffic congestion on some city streets.

Roads would be maintained at a "good" condition level, although because of the increase in the size of the road system and the age of the system, the condition may still fall slightly from what is shown in the Needs Based Plan.

Trail System
County Road Plan

Fewer trails would be built and only about 50% of the trails planned for in the future service limit would be built by 2040.

The trails system would be adequately, but not fully, maintained.

This plan would allow for partial funding of the pedestrian/bicycle program which may include a part time coordinator and fewer, lower cost improvements made over time.

Sidewalks would be repaired and replaced at a much higher level, but still not to the level needed.

Current transit services would continue, however, service level would be reduced as the city grew.