Needs Based Plan - Requires Additional Funding

This transportation plan gives the best coverage of both new construction and maintenance of existing facilities and services. It assumes that some streets on the city's edge that may ultimately be four lanes are initially constructed to just two lanes, and does not build projects that will not be needed within the 30 year planning period. However, the cost of the program is beyond what can currently be funded. In order to accomplish this plan, increases in funding would have to be made available through some combination of bonds, taxes, user fees or other sources. View Current Funding Sources and Average Household Costs.

Needs Based Plan Elements
Street Congestion Map
Street Project Map

This plan would include the construction of all roads that are projected to be needed by 2040 to serve the new future service limit.

Roads would be maintained at a "good" condition level.

Trail System
County Road Plan

100% of the planned trail system within the future service limit would be built out over the 30 year period.

The trail system would be fully maintained, and some trails would be widened to 10 or 12 feet when reconstructed.

This plan would allow for full funding of the pedestrian/bicycle program which would be expected to include a full time coordinator, construction of on-street bicycle facilities, educational programs, pedestrian crossing systems, etc…

Sidewalks would be repaired and replaced at an adequate level, eventually resulting in a "good" condition level for all sidewalks in the city.

The transit service level would be increased to a level consistent with comparably sized cities – this could mean evening service, an extended service area, express service on some routes, or a combination of improvements.