Priority Growth Areas

The Draft Preferred Growth Scenario that was developed in November, 2010 was further refined to reflect the phasing of future growth. The areas identified in the Growth Scenario map are broken into 3 distinct regions; Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. The Priority Growth Areas map further refines the Tier I area into Priority A, B and C. In addition, there are 8,000 dwelling units anticipated within the existing city, shown in yellow. These dwelling units are assumed to be part of redevelopment in the Antelope Valley, Downtown, and Haymarket areas, underutilized commercial areas, and a small amount of infill on existing vacant lots. The Tiers and Priority Areas are briefly described below.

Tier I: Red

The area generally expected to receive urban services (sewer, water, roads, etc…) within the 30 year planning period. This roughly describes the future city limits for Lincoln in the year 2040.

  • Priority A: Red and yellow hatching. This area is currently within the Lincoln City Limits, or has some approved plan in place, but is not fully developed. The provision of urban services to this area is the city's highest priority. The 16,700 dwelling units currently approved in this area would continue to build out and this area would be fully served within the first half of the planning period (between now and 2025).
  • Priority B: Red. This area is all beyond the current city limits but is anticipated to begin development within the first 15 years of the planning period. This area has potential for over 16,000 additional units, which would build out throughout the planning period.
  • Priority C: Pink. This area would begin to receive urban services in the second half of the planning period, after 2025. This area has a potential for over 20,000 additional dwelling units and would continue to develop after 2040.
  • Tier II: Dark Green

    This area is likely to receive urban services after 2040. As the plan is updated in upcoming years, some of these areas may be moved into the Tier I area. Tier II should remain in its current use in order to facilitate future development.

    Tier III: Light Green

    This area is for future development in the very long term – beyond 50 years. It is delineated along drainage basin lines that are mainly within the City's 3-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction and is not actively planned for urban land uses and infrastructure.

    Priority Growth Areas Map

    Priority Growth Areas Map

    Priority Growth Areas Presentation

    Priority Growth Areas PowerPoint Presentation