LPlan 2040 Proposals

An LPlan 2040 Proposals Staff Analysis Report was compiled in September, 2010 as part of the update process for the Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan (LPlan 2040). The Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department invited proposals for consideration for inclusion in the updated Plan. The request was sent to approximately 300 individuals on our email subscription list. The submittal form and questionnaire were also posted on the LPlan 2040 website. Members of the community were asked to submit proposals such as significant changes in land use, revisions to the Future Service Limit, or policy changes, which might affect how we structure the alternative development scenarios or develop a preferred land use plan map. This outreach supplemented the more broadly focused visionary brainstorming effort for the community called Bright Ideas on the 'Virtual Town Hall.' The request for proposals was sent on July 30, 2010, and the community was asked to submit their proposals by September 1, 2010, with as much detail as possible. There was no filing fee for submitting the proposals. This report compiles the 14 proposals, which have each been reviewed by staff based upon their merits and applicability. The proposals received ranged from broad policy changes to specific land use changes. The staff identified and grouped proposals according to the following designations:

A. Proposals generally most relevant to future growth scenarios, appropriate for discussion in September

B. Land use proposals appropriate for discussion in late 2010 during the development of the future land use plan. View Staff Responses

C. Non-land use proposals appropriate for discussion in early 2011

The staff reports together with the proposals received are included in this report.