Proposed Transportation Plan

Transportation systems are critical infrastructure for the City. They are keys to economic development and job growth as well as providing for safe and expedient movement. In recent years, financing these systems has become a challenge as the City's resources are limited and decisions must be made on how those funds are allocated. It is important to understand that the Federal Government requires that the Long Range Transportation Plan show projects that have a reasonable chance to be funded. We are allowed to also show additional projects that would be accomplished should additional funding be obtained.

Various points of input were used to help develop a Proposed Transportation Plan. A Transportation Alternatives Open House was held on April 19, 2011. View Open House Materials. Three possible transportation plans were developed and presented at the Open House. Projects shown as priorities for these plans were determined according to a prioritization process based on seven broad goals for transportation.

The Proposed Transportation Plan includes financially constrained funding proposals for all modes of travel (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and roadways). The proposal places heightened emphasis on maintenance and rehabilitation of existing systems including roads, sidewalks, and trails.

A Transportation Preferences Survey was made available online and at various community locations from April 12 thorugh April 27, 2011. The responses to the survey have been compiled into a report. Input from the LPlan Advisory Committee was also used to develop the Proposed Plan.