Long Range Reports

2030 Comprehensive Plan/LRTP Process

Study Purpose and Scope

The primary purpose of the recently completed Comprehensive Plan/Long Range Transportation Plan (CP/LRTP) Update process was to extend the community's planning horizon to the Year 2030. This was done in large measure to respond to Federal transportation planning guidelines regarding the planning time frame for the LRTP. The Update process was used to determine the continued validity of the City and County Comprehensive Plans and Lincoln area LRTP, and to identify land use, transportation, urban growth area, and public service policy modifications needed to reflect changing development conditions.

The Long Range Transportation Plan - involving roadways, public transit, freight movement, trails, and other travel considerations - is formulated around the City's and County's future land use plan and the Future Service Limit (FSL) as shown in the Comprehensive Plan. The FSL outlines the geographic area within which urban services and utilities are programmed to be provided by the year 2030. For the Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) area, the LRTP is contained as a element in the adopted City and County Comprehensive Plan.

Study Process and Timing

The CP/LRTP Update process took about a year to complete. Various community meetings and public hearings were scheduled throughout the process to solicit citizen ideas and comments. A complete listing of the Update process's major community meetings and public hearings are shown on this website.

The nine-member Lincoln City-Lancaster County Planning Commission guided the Update process. The Commission was responsible for overseeing the formulating of the unified Plan, including holding various workshops and public hearings. The City-County Planning Department provided the principle staff support to the Planning Commission throughout this process, with significant contributions made by the Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Department, Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department, the Lancaster County Engineer's Office, and along with numerous other city and county departments and agencies. The entire Update process was also coordinated through the Lincoln Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to enure compliance with Federal transportation planning regulations.

The Planning Commission's formal public hearing on the final CP/LRTP document was held on October 18, 2006; with the Commission's final vote recommending approval of the Plan conducted on October 25, 2006. The Lincoln City Council and Lancaster County Board of Commission held their formal public hearing and final adoption vote on the CP/LRTP on November 16, 2006. The MPO Officials Committee subsequently approved the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) portion of the overall Plan at their January 2, 2007, meeting.

Completed Events

See the calendar of completed events.

CP/LRTP Meeting Materials

See the meeting materials used in the CP/LRTP process.