Chief James D. Parker

Chief from 1898 - 1899

J. D. Parker was born in Illinois on February 21, 1861. He got married to Hattie C (McCasland) Parker (1864-1923) in 1891.

In an article from the Nebraska State Journal it talks about a hunting trip that Parker took with Ernst Hunger, who later became chief of police as well.

Nebraska State Journal

Nebraska State Journal Tuesday, October 26, 1897.

Headline: People You Know

Exciseman Grimes, Coroner Holyoke, Chief of Police Parker and Ernst Hunger have returned from their trip to Lakeside, where they expected to find some good hunting. They were disappointed, as it had been too warm for ducks. Mr. Parker had the misfortune to blow the end of one barrel off his gun while there. He had waded out into the lake to get beyond the rushes. He fired at a mallard duck coming toward him and missed. He attempted to turn and shoot again, but in doing so his foot became entangled in the rushes and he was thrown forward into the water. He discharged the remaining barrel as his arms went under the water and when he raised them again he saw that about eight inches had been blown off one barrel. It was a new gun and cost him $65, so his trip was rather expensive.

Obituary - The Lincoln Star - April 25, 1924

Headline: Death Calls J.D. Parker, Former Chief of Police

J.D. Parker, police chief under Mayor Graham in 1895, died at a Kansas City hospital at 10 a.m. Sunday, according to word received by Lincoln relatives Sunday evening. He had been in the Excelsior Springs hospital for thirteen weeks. Mr. Parker was a resident of Lincoln for many years and moved to Liberty, Mo., about fifteen years ago. Mrs. Parker died a year ago.

He helped organize the Lincoln Ice Company which was later absorbed by one of the present creameries. He served on the city council from the second ward.

He leaves two sisters of Lincoln, Mrs. A.E. Metcalf, 324 South Twenty Fourth Street, and Mrs. Frank E. parks, 2650 C Street, and a half-brother, J.F. Hutchins, 2120 B Street. He also leaves a brother, H.A. Parker of Excelsior Springs, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. Metcalf and Mr. and Mrs. Parks and son left early Monday morning for Liberty, Mo., where the funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m.

J. D. Parker is now buried in Fairview Cemetery, Liberty, Clay County, Missouri along with his wife Hattie.