Chief Olen M. Routzahn

Chief Olen M. Routzahn

Chief from 1903 - 1904

Mr. Routzahn is believed to have been born in Michigan around 1861. Routzahn originally worked in agriculture as a farmer before he and his wife Sarah A. (Owens) moved to Lincoln. Routzahn started with the Lincoln Police Department in 1895. He served as a patrol officer, detective, and deputy sheriff before being appointed to chief of police in 1903. Routzahn died January 21, 1920. He is buried in Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

The Evening News

The Evening News, Lincoln, Nebraska - October 3, 1895

Headline: Give a Warm Chase.

Byline: Carrie Martin's Love for a Feather Boa Leads to a Sprinting Match.

Early last evening people in the vicinity of Twentieth and O streets were surprised and shocked to see a policeman of a goodly proportions legging it down the street in hot pursuit of a colored girl. Although the officer of the law was running to beat four of a kind the dusky maiden was leaving him in the rear, and she continued to spring instead of trying to conceal herself in a house about five blocks from where the race had begun. The girl was Carrie Martin and she was wanted for stealing a boa from Miller & Paine's store. The policeman was Officer Routzahn, who had called at the girl's house at 2006 O Street to arrest her. While he was at the front door the girl ran out of the rear portal and the chase as described began. The girl did not have time to put on her bloomers so she gracefully pulled her skirts up under her arms so that as hot a foot as possible might be secured. The sympathy of the on-lookers seemed to be entirely with the girl as her efforts to break the 440-yard dash record were received with cheers of approval. This morning the girl and a pal named Effie Montgomery, who was also concerned in the stealing of the boa, were sent up the county jail for thirty days.