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SWAT with Blackhawk helicopter SWAT logo Swat with Pinzgauer vehicle
Training with a Blackhawk
at Camp Ashland 2004
Swat Team Photo 2003
Pinzgauer Swiss Army transport vehicle

Practicing with LAV Swat group Lined up
Training 2002 Training 2005

Rifle Practice Officers Hruza and Robinson Shooting the extended combat course
Rifle Practice, 2006 SWAT 2005 Extended Combat Course, 2006

Sergeant Marti Retirement party for Sergeant Klem Sergeant Koziol
SWAT Retirement, 2004

SWAT Team 2007
Rappel Training

Torch Run for Special Olympics 2009
Rifle Cleaning during Training 2009

SWAT Training 2010

SWAT Operators 2010
SWAT Training 2010
SWAT Retirement 2010

SWAT Training 2012

SWAT Training 2014

SWAT Team 2015