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The First SWAT Team SWAT patch used 1987-2000 1977 SWAT Team
First SWAT Team 1967
Standing L-R: Kelly, Davoll, Hansen,
Ragatz, Jattzak. Seated: Chief Carroll.
SWAT patch used
from 1987-2000
SWAT Team 1977
Top L-R: Jones, Rowe, Engel, Tussing, Hewitt.
Kneeling L-R: Mickle, Hawkins, Klem, Kelly.

SWAT Team Members 1981 Rappelling from a helicopter Rappel Training
SWAT Members 1981
L-R: Klem, Koziol, Tussing,
Sorensen, Hawkins.
Training in Los Angeles
Team members Hawkins,
Klem, Rowe and Tussing
rappel from a helicopter.
Rappeling in Los Angeles 1982
Rowe and Tussing during training.

Training in Arizona Entry Training Training in Hastings
Training in Maricopa County,
Arizona 1986

L-R: Solano, Klem, Koziol,
Laird, Dwyer.
SWAT Training 1983
Team members
Tussing & Hawkins
practice building entry.
Training in Hastings,
Nebraska 1989

Team Members
Pitts and Marti

Officers Pitts and Laird Training in Hastings Members Solano and Woodhead
Team Snipers Pitts and Laird
SWAT Training in Hastings 1989
Top, L-R: Pitts, Koluch, Woodhead,
Klem, Ziemer. Kneeling, L-R: Marti,
Solano, Sorensen, Koziol.
Team Members Solano and Woodhead

1996 Team Photo 1997 Team Photo
SWAT Team Photo 1996
L-R: Marti, Solano, Bucher, Knopik, Sorensen, Koziol,
Ziemer, Giles, Klem, Laird, Jaeger, Pitts.
SWAT Team Photo 1997
Standing, L-R: Marti, Sorensen, Bucher, Ziemer, Solano, Pitts.
Kneeling, L-R: Knopik, Laird, Jaeger, Koziol, Klem, Giles.