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Performance Indicator Dashboard

This dashboard presents the status of the Lincoln Police Department's performance indicators, as described in the City's Outcome-Based Budget.

City of Lincoln Outcome Priority 1: Safety and Security

Priority Goal 1: Maintain a Low Crime Rate

Progress Indicator 1. Maintain a violent crime rate 25% under the average for similar-sized cities (452 offenses per 100,000 residents).
Violent Crime

Progress Indicator 2. Maintain a burglary rate of no more than 755 offenses per 100,000 residents (20% below the average for all cities within 50,000 of Lincoln's population).

Progress Indicator 3. Maintain a case clearance rate of at least 24% (the national average is 23%).
Clearance Rate

Priority Goal 3: Traffic Safety

Progress Indicator 1: Maintain an injury traffic crash rate of no more than 850 crashes per 100,000 residents.
Injury Crashes

City of Lincoln Outcome Priority 4: Livable Neighborhoods

Priority goal 2: Reduce neighborhood disorder by providing services that abate nuisances, solve issues, resolve conflict and support the quality of life.

Progress Indicator 1: Maintain a 10 minutes response time for 90% of priority one and priority two dispatches.
Response Time

Progress Indicator 3: Maintain a positive response rate of 75% on the Lincoln Police Quality Service Audit question: "How safe and secure do you feel in the neighborhood where you live?"
Safety & Security