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Civilian Employee of the Year 2015

Crime Analysis Technician Collene Chloupek

Crime Analysis Technician Collene Chloupek is a thirty-six year employee of the Lincoln Police Department and is the main point of contact for the Lincoln/Lancaster County Crime Stoppers program. She has worked tirelessly to help solve an untold amount of crimes which have occurred within the City - mostly in part to her diligence, demeanor and tenacity regarding the information received from the Crime Stoppers tipsters.

When people call into the Crime Stoppers tip line, they can sometimes be upset due to the criminal activity affecting their neighborhood and their life. Collene has a way to calm these individuals and ensures that each is given the personal attention they deserve. It takes a special person to treat others with respect when, because of frustration, others may be lashing out. Collene is that special person. She approaches each phone call in the same manner - there is a real person on the other end of the phone line with a problem that is adversely affecting their life. Collene seldom forgets that and strives to be the calming, patient voice of reason.

Collene also exemplifies herself as an analyst. There are times when Collene receives extremely vague information or the tipster is unsure of specific details. Collene takes it upon herself to diligently research every bit of information in order to make it easy for the investigators to follow up on the tips. "Putting a nice bow" on the information is the manner in which Collene prefers to present tipster information before pushing it out to investigators. Collene stays aware of crimes in certain areas and will match up Crime Stoppers information with those crimes. This is a rare talent, but one in which the officers of the Lincoln Police Department have come to know from Collene. Additionally, Collene is one of the most unselfish employers to be found at the department. It's not unusual at all to see Collene staying late in order to get a tip researched and disseminated to the proper investigator or outside agency. While her thought behind this giving nature is "it's just part of the job", her former manager found himself having to force Collene to leave work a few minutes early or take a longer lunch to make up for the time she would stay late, as she refused to take overtime compensation for her overages.

If Collene were to leave LPD today, it would be nearly impossible to replace her. Certainly, a person could take up residency at her desk, but her shoes would remain virtually unfilled. Collene Chloupek is an exemplary employee who consistently goes above and beyond the department's expectations of her, yet the officers on the street, the criminal investigators and the citizens of the City of Lincoln are beneficiaries of her dedication. For giving so much of herself to the department for the past thirty-six years, the Awards Committee is proud to name Collene Chloupek the 2015 Civilian Employee of the Year.