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Civilian Employee of the Year 2013

Supervisor Staci Junker

Staci Junker was hired in May of 2000 as a Public Service Officer at the Lincoln Police Department's Service Desk. Although Staci's job performance was always exemplary, she absolutely blossomed upon promotion to Service Desk Supervisor in April of 2009. Her level and quality of work, leadership, flexibility toward change, sincere interest and care for the success of the Department as well as for her fellow co-workers is unmatched.

In January of 2012, her strong work ethic would come to play an even greater role, when she was tasked with assuming the duties of the Service Desk Manager. Not only did she take on extra responsibilities to keep the Unit operating at a high level, but her participation in the Service Desk/911 Center merger in late 2012 took her involvement to a new level. In addition to her "regular" functions of overseeing Service Desk Personnel and being accountable for her own personal performance and serving as LPD's Terminal Agency Coordinator for NCIC functions, the future merge saw added responsibilities and unchartered territory for Staci.

Staci was one of two people personally chosen by the Public safety Director to co-chair a merger workgroup. The group was formed to recognize potential conflicts with the merger, identifying and taking the steps to resolve several issues - not just from the LPD perspective, but also the 911 Center's as well. In her role within the workgroup, Staci served as a resource for the 911 manager regarding current and best practices for Service Desk operations. She created documents and merger plans, including cross-training of personnel, familiarizing herself with aspects of the 911 Center and its policies. She gathered statistics of various Service Desk duties and created organizational charts and graphs to provide a clear view of the amount and types of work the Service Desk performed. She was also responsible for coordinating with outside companies and agencies for the physical move of personnel, equipment and services from the Service Desk to the 911 Center. Through it all, she kept all of her Service Desk personnel fully informed on the progress and merger timeline, performed her regular supervisory duties and was even called upon for front-line coverage during staffing shortages. Through all of the planning, last minute changes and the merger itself, she kept an upbeat, positive attitude and most importantly, always put the needs of her subordinates to the forefront - taking their training and concerns seriously and communicating with them in a very approachable manner.

Staci's involvement in the department did not end with the merger. During that most hectic time in her professional career, she has been an active member of the Safety Committee, the reports Committee, serves as an Internal Resource Officer and sits on the Mayor's Award of Excellence Committee. And to clarify, she not only sits on these committees and groups, but takes an active role within each and every one of them. And last, but certainly not least, she has energy left over to be an active, loving mother to an energized five-year-old son!

So often, supervisory personnel are overlooked for recognition. This past year, however, several individuals came forward to Staci's direct supervisor - who was already compiling information in order to nominate her for this very distinguished award - and indicated a desire to see Staci nominated for Civilian Employee of the Year. They recognized that each of the assignments Staci took on beyond her normal supervisory duties was significant on their own, but in total, was monumental! To be successful in one area could be expected, but successful in all can only be exemplary. That so many people recognize this of Staci is a true testament to her drive and dedication.

In recognition of those traits and her successes, the Awards Committee is proud to name Supervisor Staci Junker as LPD's 2013 Civilian Employee of the Year.