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Officer of the Year 2016

Officer Alan Grell

Officer Alan Grell has been a police officer with the City of Lincoln since December 1, 2005. Most all of that time has seen Officer Grell assigned to the Southwest Team. A major portion of that team is the east and west "core" areas, which is the neighborhoods surrounding the state capitol. This area is densely populated and consists mainly of rental properties, making it one of the busiest areas in the city for police services and an area in which Officer Grell patrols and thrives.

Since becoming a police officer, Alan realized the value of good, quality training for recruit and veteran officers. Over the years, he has obtained certification for nearly a dozen different areas. One of those areas is as an instructor for the .223 Patrol Rifle. This is an extremely important are, as the department is transitioning to having a patrol rifle in each cruiser. Officer Grell has taken on the task to coordinate instruction to all street officers in the use of this rifle within the year 2016. In addition to teaching various classes, Officer Grell has also been a Field Training Officer for the past five years. Nearly two dozen officers have been assigned to him during this time. It's a critical time for new officers as they learn how to apply their academy instruction to real life situations. A recruit officer assigned to Officer Grell will no doubt leave as a better officer.

In addition to the training conducted by Officer Grell, he is also a member of the LPD Honor Guard and a past member of the LPD Hiring Panel. In addition to serving the citizens of Lincoln, Officer Grell also serves the citizens in and around Greenwood, Nebraska as an active member of the Greenwood Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, having played a role there for the past twenty years, twelve of which were serving as the peer-elected Fire Chief.

During the spring of 2015, Officer Grell completed a 30-day rotation with the Education and Personnel Unit. During this time, using his own equipment, he installed a fence around the entire perimeter of the new firing range being built on the edge of the city. He also put together three separate training sessions for third shift officers during 2015, covering the topics of Narcotics, Critical Incidents and Gang Trends. He also helped coordinate an Active Shooter seminar that will be held in February of 2016.

With as much time spent training his co-workers, Alan's productivity on the street did not suffer one bit. He recognized the responsibility to be there for his team mates and refuses to allow time spent training others to take away from his assigned responsibility as a street officer working calls for service. Statistically, he was nearly equal with his team mates as far as productivity is concerned, despite the time spent training others and the temporary assignment in Education and Personnel. He was either the key investigating officer or contributed greatly to clearing at least thirteen felony cases and at least two serious misdemeanor crimes during 2015.

Because of his work ethic, it has become normal to expect outstanding results from Officer Grell. He has been, without a doubt, deserving of more than the five commendations he received in 2015. Some of those commendations were citizen-initiated, for instances when Officer Grell took the time to listen to victims of crime, spending additional time, if need be, to allow them to use him as a sounding board and a kind and compassionate ear. One of Officer Grell's most famous traits is his downplaying of his role in many of these situations, explaining that he's "just doing my job".

Officer Grell takes extreme pride in his work each and every day. He is a true team player who is a role model for both new and veteran officers. Because of his dedication to training officers and his strong work ethic while on the street, the LPD Awards Committee is proud to name Officer Alan Grell as the 2016 LPD Officer of the Year.