Civilian Employee of the Year 2017

Senior Public Safety Dispatcher Brenda Roby

Brenda Roby has been a public safety dispatcher within the LPD Emergency Communications Center since October of 2001. Since her employment, she has excelled in every aspect of her career.

Brenda has served as the communication center's on-site CALEA communications Accreditation Manager and has spent countless hours this past year preparing for the CALEA assessment team. Brenda was tasked with new processes and came up with new and credible ways to approve operating standards. She led the communications center through a flawless on-site assessment. Preparation for this assessment was over and beyond her normal work duties as a senior dispatcher on third shift.

Brenda has several commendations in her file and most of them involve her role within a group of co-workers, because that's just how Brenda operates. She is a proven leader and is nearly always named in events that occur on third shift when kudos are given after working with other to help manage a crisis.

Only one quarter of the communications center staff is qualified in all four areas of Emergency Dispatch - law enforcement dispatch, fire dispatch, call take and NCIC/data entry - and Brenda is part of that elite group. Additionally, she is a highly-regarded trainer for new employees and has been named Trainer of the Year in past years. Brenda strives to lead new employees and creates a true learning environment for those assigned to her.

One would be hard-pressed to find a leader who works harder than Brenda. Her co-workers and supervisors alike hold the highest admiration for her skills, personality and dedication to her profession. She is an invaluable asset to her peers because of her vast knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the work is done properly. It is her compassion for other, her enthusiasm to do good and her infectious, lighthearted demeanor that causes those around her to do what she does. The employees of the Lincoln Emergency Communications Center are oftentimes the "front line" to the community and are also the unseen guardians of the officers on the street. Brenda exemplifies what it takes to be successful at both of those duties. For her passion for her profession, her community, and the women and men in Public Safety, the Awards Committee is proud to name Senior Public Safety Dispatcher Brenda Roby as the Lincoln Police Department's Civilian Employee of the Year.