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2005 News Releases

August 18, 2005
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The Lincoln Police Department is preparing for its annual fall rush of disorderly parties and the calls for service that result from these. Each year as school begins in the fall, the number of complaints that the police department receives on wild parties rises. The police department is preparing for these weekends beginning this evening by having a full complement of officers on duty to respond to the disorderly parties.

The Lincoln Police Department issued more than 400 citations for Maintaining a Disorderly House last year responding to wild party complaints. Officers also wrote over 1,500 citations for MIP last year, the majority of these were written at wild parties. Other crimes that increase as a result of wild parties are disturbing the peace, littering, and public urination. The department also will see an increase in physical and sexual assaults as a result of the illegal and abusive drinking which is done at the parties.

The police department encourages those who are having a gathering to do so in a safe and sane manner. Some suggestions to keep the police from being ‘un-invited’ guests at your party are to keep it small and invitation only. The quickest way to have police called is to have 200 people show up at your small rental home which results in the party spilling out into the neighborhood with noise, litter, parking, and public urination complaints. We will respond to all complaints or any on-view disturbances of wild parties, enforce any law violations and return order to the neighborhoods of any location where there are parties that are out of control.

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