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August 22, 2005
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The Lincoln Police Department ‘Party Patrol’ responded to several calls August 19th and 20th; Friday and Saturday evening. The police department received 53 party disturbances city-wide over the weekend, but a group of six officers whose attention was devoted specifically to party complaints and on-view activities in Northwest and Central Lincoln both evenings kept extremely busy. The party patrol issued 75 citations during the two evenings. The numbers are as follows:

CitationFriSat Total
Minor in Possession36 14 50
Maintaining a Disorderly House2 3 5
Consuming in Public 41 5
Procuring Alcohol for Minor 2 - 2
Open Alcohol in Motor Vehicle 3 1 4
Urinate in Public - 2 2
Littering - 4 4
Failure to Comply - 1 1
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia - 1 1
False Information - 1 1
Totals 47 28 75

The officers on Saturday evening were diverted off of the detail for a period of time due to an extremely busy evening. Officers were sent on a return call to 349 W. Charleston after breaking up a wild party. A 20 year old man was arrested for brandishing a shotgun at a group of people during a disturbance at that apartment complex.

The goal for this project is to identify properties where continued disturbances pose a threat to the quality of life in the neighborhoods in which they are situated. Officers will determine who owns or rents the properties where the parties are taking place and contact these individuals. The owner of the property will be made aware of the on-going disturbances and will be held accountable for the actions of their tenants.

The citizens of Lincoln will continue to see a real directed effort throughout the year to decrease the number of wild parties and maintain and restore order to the neighborhoods in which they live.

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