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October 13, 2005
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LPD receives donation of AED's for Cruiser Officers

The police department was the benefactor of five Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) today. The first AED was donated by the family of Wayne E. Eden. Terri Bangert, his daughter, made the donation on behalf of the Eden family. Wayne Eden lived for several years after a sudden cardiac arrest in 1987 when the responding medical units used an AED to save his life. Wayne Eden died this year and his family made the donation in honor of him.

Andrew Merliss, MD, PACC, Volunteer Medical Director for the Community Consortium presented four additional defibrillators to the Lincoln Police Department. There are currently five officers with AED’s in their cruisers. The donations this morning doubles that to ten.

Steve Beal, Assistant Health Director, Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department and Chair of the AED Consortium also discussed the “Adopt an AED” program. The Consortium is asking Lincoln citizens and groups to “Adopt an AED” by purchasing and placing an AED at the site of their choosing to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest in this community. For more information contact the AED Community Consortium at 402 441-4693.

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