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September 20, 2006
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Air Show and Husker Game to Cause Traffic Conjestion

The Lincoln Police Department is gearing up for a huge influx of people into the city this weekend. The Guardians of Freedom Air Show, featuring the Blue Angels, is expected to draw 100,000 spectators Saturday morning to the west side of the airport. Traffic is expected to be extremely heavy and drivers need to allow extra time to reach this event. Patience in traffic is the order of the day. The Department of Roads and the city traffic engineers will have numerous message boards providing directions to this event. Local law enforcement will be facilitating the flow of traffic as much as possible, but the reality is that people should expect delays and heavy congestion and plan accordingly.

Access to the event is limited to NW 48th Street from the south and north, and NW 38th Street (via NW 31st) from Highway 34. Parking is provided in a number of locations west of the airport, some free and some paid. Admission to the event is free. The public is asked to refrain from parking illegally to observe the event.

After the Air Show, the UNL vs. Troy State football game begins at 6:00 p.m. Football traffic will undoubtedly be heavier than usual due to Air Show traffic leaving that event. Fans should plan ahead and for those football fans that hope to attend both events, it may not be realistic to leave after the Air Show and hope to make it to the game on time. Lincoln police will be on hand, as usual, to direct traffic before and after the game.

The Air Show will also take place on Sunday and spectators should expect some congestion to occur during pre-event and post event traffic. Residents in the Air Park area should expect possible traffic delays, unusually loud aircraft noise, and some explosions during the show.

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