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September 13, 2006
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Local Businesses do well in Alcohol Checks

The Lincoln Police Department conducted alcohol compliance checks on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 during the evening hours. Officers in the Northeast and Center team areas used under aged minors who entered 32 separate locations attempting to purchase alcohol. Of the 32 locations checked, only one location sold to a minor. The following locations passed the compliance check.

Jake Cigars 114 N. 14th Street
Kwik Shop 3301 Holdrege
Kabredlos 3291 Holdrege
Kens Kegs 1350 N. 48th Street (Held minors ID for LPD)
U-Stop 1449 N. 56th Street
Kong Liquor 141 N. 56th Street (Held minors ID for LPD)
Kwik Shop 5600 Holdrege
Fast Break 4800 Garland
Casey’s 2245 N. Cotner
Fast Break 8350 Northwood’s
Express Stop 8150 ‘O’ Street
Fast Break 7000 ‘O’ Street (Held minors ID for LPD)
Russ’s Market 130 N. 66th Street
Osco Drug 130 N. 66th Street
Casey’s 1140 N. 48th Street
Super Saver 233 N. 48th Street
Kwik Shop 4400 ‘O’ Street
Kwik Shop 4400 Cornhusker
Kabredlos 3560 N. 48th Street
Kwik Shop 5900 Fremont
Shell 6006 Havelock
Kabredlos 4401 N. 70th Street
Tobacco Shack 6240 Havelock (Called LPD)
Castle Drive-In 6001 Havelock
Shop EZ 3735 N. 70th Street
Casey’s 3003 N. 70th Street
Kwik Shop 2811 N. 48th Street
Fast Fuel 5501 Superior
Casey’s 5500 Superior
HyVee 2301 N. 48th Street
Russ’s Market 6300 Havelock
The following locations sold to and did not check the minors ID:

Kabredlos 4000 Adams

The employee at the Adams Street Kabredlos did not card the minor when he purchased alcohol. The clerk at Kabredlos was cited for Sell Alcohol to Minor.

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