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October 12, 2006
For More Information Contact:
Officer Katherine Finnell, Public Information Office , 402 441-7226

Credit Card information released by Local Businesses

Four local fast food restaurants have been contacted by phone over the past month by a man who identifies himself as being a local law enforcement officer. On three of the occasions he has identified himself as a Lincoln police officer and on one incident he identified himself as a sheriff’s department investigator. The caller tells the employee on the phone that he has a man in custody who has some credit card receipts from their business on him and asks for the names and credit card numbers of the receipts at the store. Two businesses refused to give that information out over the phone and two businesses gave the caller some information. Those people who had their information given out by these businesses have been contacted by investigators. We have not been able to determine at this time whether any of the information given out over the phone by the businesses has been used in any fraudulent transactions.
The police department reminds citizens and businesses that we do not conduct investigations in this manner and would never ask for that type of information over the phone. If you have any information regarding these cases you may call the police department at 441-7204.

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