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September 29, 2006
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Captain Allen Soukup retires from the Department

The Lincoln Police Department announces the retirement of Captain Allen Soukup. Captain Soukup leaves the department after 37 years of distinguished service.

Allen Soukup worked for the City Parks and Recreation Department as a park ranger from 1969 until he was hired as a police officer by Chief Joe Carroll in January of 1971. Soukup walked a beat downtown, as most officers did when they started out until he made it to a cruiser. Two years later, Officer Soukup was promoted to Detective in September of 1973. As a detective/sergeant, Soukup worked in the criminal division until 1983. During this time he worked a general assignment in criminal as well as liquor and vice. Soukup was promoted to Lieutenant in May of 1982 and served as the commanding officer of the Crime Prevention and Youth Aid Unit and then the Criminal Division. Lt. Soukup then became a Shift Duty Commander and was promoted to Captain in July of 1996. Captain Soukup has served as a Duty Captain on the second shift since this time. In addition to his shift duty, Captain Soukup has been the COIC of the Honor Guard, the Canine Unit and the Assistant COIC of the Field Force. Allen Soukup has been the Regional Director of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial Committee since 1992.

Allen Soukup is the son of Frank Soukup who was a detective with the Lincoln Police Department for 10 years prior to being killed in the line of duty on December 16, 1966. Detective Frank Soukup was shot and killed while he and other detectives questioned several out-of-town men about a bogus check investigation. During the questioning two of the suspects opened fire on the officers, mortally wounding Detective Soukup. Detective Soukup and other officers were able to return fire, killing two of the suspects.

Allen is married to Janice and has two children, son Kelsey and daughter Jessica. His last tour of duty will be Saturday afternoon, September 30th.

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