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February 9, 2007
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School Bus Driver Disarms Knife Wielding Man

Officers are looking for a man involved in a disturbance on a Lincoln Public School bus Thursday afternoon. When a 61 year old school bus driver dropped off a child at Calvert and St. Mary’s at about 4:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon, a man ran up to the bus and jumped onto the steps of the bus and tried to come on. The suspect was yelling that “There’s killers, they’re trying to kill me – Go, Go”. The bus driver observed that the suspect had a knife in his pocket and grabbed the knife from the suspect, pushed him down the steps and off the bus and the suspect then fled on foot. A witness who was driving by also observed the suspect running from the scene. The suspect was not located but has been described as a white or possibly latino male in his late teens or early 20’s. He is about 5’9” thin build and was last seen wearing a white sleeveless undershirt and black baggy pants. There were two five year olds on the bus at the time of the incident but no one was injured in the disturbance.

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