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2007 News Releases

August 31, 2007
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Officer Katherine Finnell, Public Information Officer, 441.7226

2007 Husker Football Traffic

The Lincoln Police Department would like to remind everyone coming to Lincoln for the Husker Football Game and the Nebraska State Fair to be patient and allow themselves extra time to get where they are going this Labor Day Weekend. Some suggestions that the police department has made for visitors in Lincoln on Saturday are:

Give yourself plenty of time prior to the game, plan your route and parking ahead of time. We also would like to encourage everyone to 'Linger Longer in Lincoln' after the game to avoid the heavy traffic immediately following the game. Enjoy the Haymarket or the downtown restaurants as you wait for traffic to clear.

Find legal parking options which may include taking the StarTran - Big Red Express.
Parking meters are enforced on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Take advantage of the pre-paid, reserved event parking in city garages.

A reminder that alcohol is prohibited on City streets, parking lots, garages and sidewalks including the trail between Haymarket Park and 8th Street.

The sale of tickets, souvenirs or other items is not allowed on City streets or sidewalks. Officers will issue citations for violations that inhibit the use of the street or sidewalk.

For additional information on Husker Game Day parking, Big Red Express and Street construction projects please check out the Mayor’s full news release.

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