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September 14, 2007
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Identity Theft Investigation Leads to Arrest

The Lincoln Police Department has arrested Kristina Marie Frerichs for criminal impersonation after she attempted to obtain credit cards with stolen identity. In July of 2007 we received a report from a 28 year old Lincoln resident who had been notified by American Express that they received an on-line credit card application in her name. The victim already had a credit card with this company. After this information was obtained the victim initiated a fraud alert through the Fraud Reporting Hotline. Several other applications were made to other companies after this but due to the alert, no credit cards were issued. There was no loss incurred by the victim due to her quick action in initiating the alert. The police investigation traced the information used to attempt to obtain the credit cards which led to the arrest of Kristina M. Frerichs, 28 years old of Lincoln. Frerichs was arrested for four counts of criminal impersonation. Frerichs obtained the information used to apply for the credit card from documents of the victims that were retrieved from a dumpster.

The police department suggests the following tips to help protect victims against identity theft:
- Treat your trash and mail carefully
- Safeguard your purse and wallet
- Protect your social security number
- Verify sources before sharing information

Information on preventing identity theft can be seen on the Federal Trade Commission website

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