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January 11, 2007
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LPD Announces Retirements and Promotions

The Lincoln Police Department announces the loss of 70 years of experience with the retirement of two team captains as well as the promotion of two members of the department.

Captain Gary Engel leaves the department after 33 years of distinguished service. Gary Engel was hired by the police department in March of 1974 as an officer. Engel was promoted to the rank of Detective/Sergeant in 1977 where he worked in the criminal division and internal affairs. Engel was promoted to Lieutenant in June of 1979 and achieved the rank of Captain in 1991. Throughout his career Gary was assigned to a variety of units within the department but ultimately he would return to the Criminal Division which he most recently commanded.

Captain Duaine Bullock also leaves the department after 37 years of distinguished service. Captain Bullock was hired by the police department in January of 1970 as an officer who walked a beat downtown. Bullock was promoted to Detective/Sergeant in 1973 and three years later was assigned to the Narcotics Division where he worked his way through the rank of Lieutenant and then Captain in 1996.

Sergeant C. Anthony Butler has been promoted to Captain. Sergeant Butler was hired as an officer by the Lincoln Police Department in June of 1987 and worked as a street officer as well as an investigator in the Technical Investigations Unit. Butler was promoted to Sergeant in January of 1994. Anthony has served as our Internal Affairs sergeant as well as a team shift supervisor which was his most recent assignment. Captain Butler has been assigned as a Duty Commander under the Operations Division.

Officer Kathleen Phillips joined the Lincoln Police Department in March of 1993 and has been promoted to sergeant. Sergeant Phillips has served as a uniformed street officer on the community police teams as well as in the Criminal Investigations Division and as a crime scene technician. Sergeant Phillips will be assigned as a street supervisor in the Operations Division.

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