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August 22, 2007
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LPD and Student Leaders Announce "We Agree" Campaign

Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady and student leaders from the three largest college campuses in Lincoln gathered this morning to send a message to students at their respective institutions that “disruptive” parties - gatherings that cause complaints from surrounding neighbors about illegal parking, vandalism, noise, excessive trash, public urination and other problems – are problematic for everyone involved and need to be eliminated. The Lincoln College Partnership campaign titled “We Agree", brings together student leaders and administrators from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Wesleyan University, and Southeast Community College as well as the city to educate students about the consequences for hosting these parties and encourage students to adopt practices that keep their parties from becoming disruptive to surrounding neighbors.

Chief Casady reminds citizens that LPD actively enforces the municipal codes of the City of Lincoln in order to ensure a strong quality of life for all its residents. Failure to control noise or disruptive behavior can result in a number of citations including ‘Maintaining a Disorderly House’ in which a first offense for this will result in a fine of $250-$500. The penalties for second offenses of ‘Maintaining a Disorderly House', include mandatory jail time and a fine of $500. In 2007, the Nebraska State Legislature passed the “Social Host” law which holds anyone serving alcohol to a minor in their home or property under their control civilly liable for people suffering any damages as a result of that sale to a minor, or providing alcohol to a minor in a social setting.

The campaign which includes the distribution of materials including posters and door hangers also will have an insert that accompanies warnings issued by officers at parties. These materials will have several simple steps to avoid having parties get out of control so that students can do their part in being good neighbors.

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