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Date: November 28, 2014

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Sergeant Todd Kocian, Traffic Enforcement Unit, 402.441.6587
Officer Katie Flood, Public Information, 402.441.7226

Northwest Underage Drinking Project Summary

In an effort to impact illegal behavior on home football Saturdays, the Lincoln Police Department's Northwest Team coordinated an underage drinking project to coincide with the return of school and football season. Funding for the increased enforcement was provided by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety.

During the last three home football games, October 25, November 1 and November 22, a total of 21 officers were utilized to impact underage drinking other illegal activity prior to kick-off.

Results of the project:

Minor in Possession citations 10
Consuming in Public citations 30
False Information citations 4
Fail to Comply citations 1
Littering citations 3
Urinating in Public citations 7
Minor Misrepresent Age citation 2
Traffic related stops 5
Parking citations 35
Vehicles towed 16

Additional funding was provided by the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety for the initial phase of this project. During the first four home football games, officers saturated the North Bottoms neighborhood in an attempt to reduce binge drinking and alcohol related offenses. Refer to past releases for more information.

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