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Date: June 23, 2016

For More Information Contact:
Officer Katie Flood, Public Information, 402.441.7226

Credit Card Frauds Linked to Local Shell Stations

The Lincoln Police Department is actively investigating a series of credit card frauds reported over the past two weeks. As investigators examined these cases, a common theme quickly became apparent. Shortly before the fraudulent transactions, each victim used his or her card at one of two Shell gas station locations in Lincoln: 1449 N. 56th Street or 2030 S. 27th Street. Investigators believe skimming devices were placed on gas pump credit card readers to extract data from the customers' cards. The information was then used to create duplicate (cloned) credit cards and make unauthorized purchases.

The skimmers may have been active from May 25, 2016 - June 10, 2016. We encourage anyone who used their credit card at either Shell location to review their bank records. The unauthorized purchases were primarily at Walmarts along the I-80 corridor; however, other locations cannot be excluded. Contact your bank if your credit card has been compromised. Also, contact the Lincoln Police Department at 402.441.6000. An officer will take the report and forward the case to a TIU Investigator.

This investigation is ongoing. Our Technical Investigations Unit (TIU) is working with banks, Shell locations, and Walmarts to identify victims and to gather additional information on the suspects.

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