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Date: November 7, 2016

For More Information Contact:
Captain Jason Stille, Center Team, 402.441.7751
Sergeant Ed Sheridan, Center Team, 402.441.6000
Officer Melissa Ripley, Center Team, 402.441.6000 0

Gun Amnesty Day

On Sunday, November 13, 2016, the Lincoln Police Department's Center Team, in partnering with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition, is conducting a Gun Amnesty Day. The purpose of the event is to offer citizens the opportunity to drop off any unwanted firearms and ammunition. The effort is completely anonymous, no questions asked. The goal is to remove unwanted firearms and ammunition from circulation.

From 10 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., personnel will be available to take possession of any unwanted, legal or illegal firearms and ammunition. Citizens are encouraged to bring those items to the parking lot on the north side of the Center Team Police Station at 1501 N. 27th (N. 27th & Holdrege Streets). No identification will be requested, no identification is required, no questions asked. No compensation will be given for any firearms or ammunition surrendered.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition will provide handgun lock boxes to the community, 40 handgun lock boxes will be distributed free of charge. Individuals who would like a free handgun lock box may come to the Gun Amnesty event.

While some suicides are deliberative and involve careful planning, many appear to have an impulsive component and occur during a short-term crisis. Chronic, underlying risk factors such as substance abuse and depression are also often present, but the acute period of heightened risk for suicidal behavior is often only minutes or hours long (Hawton 2007). Barriers put between an individual in crisis and lethal means save lives.

Firearms should be transported in the trunk or back seat of a vehicle in an open box, bag or container. Once at the drop off site tell the person that contacts you at your vehicle where the firearm is located and let them retrieve the firearm. It is preferred that firearms be surrendered unloaded and any breaches, slides, bolts, cylinders or actions should be open. However, if citizens are not familiar with how to unload their firearm and attempting to do so would create a hazard, transport the firearm to the site and inform the person that contacts you at your vehicle that the weapon may not be unloaded.

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