Responsible Beverage Service
Practices for Off-Sale Establishments

  • Ensure that all employees participate in a responsible beverage service-training program appropriate to their position and setting (i.e. BASIC, TIPS, or a formal in-house program.)

  • Develop written policy describing accepted beverage service procedures particularly regarding age identification and prohibition alcoholic beverage service to intoxicated persons. Policy statements should be signed by each employee and kept on file.

  • Require that patrons present valid identification upon request, confirming that the I.D.'s are that of the presenters.

  • Provide information on the responsible service of alcoholic beverages to the social host/ customers (i.e. designated server, standard drink size, and food service.)

  • Ensure that employees are familiar with alternative sources of transportation for patrons who may be intoxicated. When possible, promote alternative transportation for alcohol-impaired customers.

  • Provide an adequate ratio of staff to customers in order to monitor beverage sales and customer behavior.

  • Make available information or referral assistance to employees whose work performance may be impaired by and alcohol or drug problem.

  • Indicate support for the community covenant by posting it in a viable location.

  • Promote the community covenant to other servers of alcoholic beverages in Lincoln-Lancaster County.