Controlling overcrowding

One of the most frequent concerns expressed in interviews with the servers is the lack of control that results when there is overcrowding, especially during the late evening. In addition to increased risk of service to intoxicated guests because of the lack of ability to properly monitor guest drinking, there are many hidden costs associated with overcrowding. Bartenders and servers are more prone to make errors in ordering drinks, collecting money, making change. They are also less able to provide good service, and often receive smaller tips from disgruntled guests.

Destruction of property, broken glassware, and increased wear and tear on furniture increase as the crowd becomes larger. Guests will sit on tables, two people will share the same chair, and other practices associated with overcrowding will promote damage. Overcrowding can also contribute to increased risk of violence and assaults. Although it may be a rare occurrence, when it happens, the potential to escalate into a serious problem is always present.


The RBS Nightclub is committed to creating an environment that is safe, comfortable, and accessible to all people. In order to assure the greatest comfort level, we will monitor the number of guests allowed into our facilities and we will restrict access when the limit is reached. When it becomes necessary to deny access, we will encourage people to wait or return again.


a. During times when there is an expected crowd, additional staff will be positioned at the entrance to monitor the number of people entering and leaving.

b. Security staff is responsible for walking through all areas of our premise open to the public, including parking areas, sidewalks, hallways, and rest rooms. Security personnel will monitor activity in all areas on an hourly basis.

c. All problems with lighting, access, indications of illegal drinking, or illegal drug use will be logged in the daily report and management will be promptly notified.