The RBS Nightclub recognized that alcohol abuse and alcoholism are serious social problems and that some individuals lose control of their drinking. Servers are not expected to be counselors nor should they attempt to diagnose a person's drinking behavior. However, guests with habitual drinking problems (i.e. regularly becoming intoxicated) must not be encouraged to drink for his/her own and other's safety. The manager should be notified and appropriate strategies implemented. In our establishment, this policy will be reviewed at staff meetings and problem situations discussed.


a. When a server becomes aware of an individual who repeated abused alcohol and is disruptive or poses a threat to his/her own or other's safety, the manager should be notified and appropriate strategies implemented.

b. Once a problematic drinker has been identified and an individualized action policy established, it must not be deviated from.

c. There are patrons who have previously become intoxicated and have been forbidden by the management to imbibe alcoholic beverages while on the premises. Nevertheless, some of these people may also be regular diners and may have contracted with the management to visit our establishment only for meals and the social atmosphere. In these special cases, the managers and servers must communicate closely with one another and the server must monitor the guest very carefully.

d. In the event that a former guest has been permanently barred from the establishment, the server must not serve that individual. In the event that the individual enters the establishment, the manager must be informed immediately, and the situation will be handled by the manager as per our policy on this matter.