The RBS Nightclub is committed to the prevention of intoxication rather than intervention after the guest becomes intoxicated. When a guest is approaching the level of intoxication, servers will take the necessary steps to pace drinking, offer food or delay service as described in our Hospitality Insighter Seminar. The server will monitor the number of drinks and the behavior of the guest and make every effort to prevent the person from over consuming. Management who observes a violation of this policy will take disciplinary action against the employee, including job suspension or termination of employment. This policy will be reviewed at staff meetings and problem situations discussed.


a. Servers will encourage responsible drinking by guests by offering food, providing alternative low and alcohol free beverages, and by ensuring alternative transportation for those who have had too much to drink.

b. Servers will recognize all of the signs of intoxication-subtle and obvious-as taught in out Hospitality Seminar.

c. In the RBS Nightclub, alcoholic beverages will be served responsibly and drinking by guests will be paced. Servers will not wait to take action until the guest is showing the obvious signs of intoxication. Servers will take the appropriate action at an early enough point in the guest's experience to permit the successful handling of all situations.

d. Problematic situations that occur outside of one's own station will be reported to the employee working in that station.

e. Employees will seek the help of other employees when taking action which could conceivable involve a problem with a guest-particularly with an intoxicated guest. Once a guest is "cut off", servers and managers will notify all other servers of this action to avoid the guest finding an additional source of drinks.

f. In a situation where a server feels that there is potential for conflict with an intoxicated patron, the intervention will automatically be turned over to the manager on duty and security notified.

g. When a problem develops unexpectedly, the server, or another server who is monitoring the situation, will quickly and discretely inform the manager. Record all alcohol-related interventions, positive and negative in the incident log.

h. During shift changes, departing servers or those who have already been serving guests will indicate level of consumption of guests and discuss possible problem situations to servers just coming on shift.

i. If an intervention with an intoxicated person is necessary, the server shall consult with the manager and the proper procedures shall be implemented. All servers will be guaranteed a fifteen- percent gratuity on any check where an intervention is made with an intoxicated guest when that guest denies the server a tip.