Hospitality is creating environments to bring people together, celebrate, conduct business, and/or eat, drink, and socialize. Responsible hospitality is all a host can do to reduce risk and increase enjoyment of guests at a celebration, event or social gathering.

People throughout the world consume alcoholic beverages. Among cultures with low rates of alcohol abuse, there are certain norms that can be translated into positive host practices. Following are suggested areas to consider when developing alcohol policy in the corporate setting:

Host Responsibility

There is control of all event activities. Event planners take full responsibility for what happens, and remain sober to avoid impairment of judgment or ability to intervene properly.

Mixed Group

Drinking beverage alcohol is done with others, not by oneself. Through a variety of policies and programs, group interaction and the formation of social groups can be facilitated. Creating a safe environment open to men and women creates social controls on high-risk behavior. Control crowd size and music volume. Arrange tables and seating to encourage group interaction.


Food is served and consumed with the alcoholic beverages. Food is available throughout the event, easily accessible, and actively promoted by the host.

Alternative Beverages

Concern about health, risk of arrest for driving while intoxicated, and interest in other activities means that even those who used to drink more are cutting back on alcohol consumption. Plenty of adult alternatives should be made available and promoted equally with regular alcoholic beverages.

Alternative Activities

The occasion emphasizes activities other than drinking, such as a meal, entertainment, socializing, and celebration. A responsible host plans these activities and keeps the focus off of drinking as the primary activity.

Intoxication Discouraged

There was a time many actors made their living impersonating a drunk. Today, such behavior is intolerable, and intoxication is unacceptable at social events.

Not a Rite of Passage

Drinking alcohol is not a sign of adulthood, manliness, or status. Laws preventing young people from obtaining alcohol prevent premature injury or death.