Hospitality Risk Seminar Registration Form

A registration form must be submitted for each trainee

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How many years have you been at your present place of employment?
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Please return your $75.00 payment with your completed registration form. Please mark your choice for training date and send back by the 1st of the month.
Class Time (1pm - 5pm)
Location: 27th & Holdrege, Center Team Police Station
January 9, 2014
February 13, 2014
March 13, 2014
April 10, 2014
May 8, 2014
June 12, 2014
July 10, 2014
August 14, 2014
September 11, 2014
October 9, 2014
November 13, 2014
December 11, 2014

Send payment and form to:
Responsible Hospitality Council
c/o City County Building
555 S 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
Training Location:
Center Team Police Station
27th and Holdrege Street

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If you have questions, call 402.441.7239.