Some helpful links to navigate you through the City of Lincoln's different departments that Stronger Safer Neighborhoods works closely with to enact policy, help enforce current ordinances, and other helpful tools provided by the City.

Mayor's Office

The mayor is chief executive officer and administrative head of City government. The mayor is elected on a non-partisan, at-large basis. As executive officer of the City, the mayor is involved in day-to-day affairs of the City.

City Council

The legislative powers of the City are exclusively vested in the Council. The Council has the power to conduct investigations concerning any subject on which it may legislate, or the operation of a department, board or commission engaged in administrative affairs of the City.

GIS Viewer

Check property assessments, zoning, land use, flood plains, street views.


The A.C.T.I.O.N. Center (Acting with Citizens To Improve Our Neighborhoods) can be used to report issues within the city limits. Issues such as graffiti, junk cars, potholes and streetlights out. Submissions are routed directly to the responsible department(s). Citizens can check the status of their submission and review the photo and location if this information has been provided.

Cleaner Greener Lincoln

An initiative by Mayor Beutler to make Lincoln a sustainable community. Lincoln has long been known for its nationally honored clean air, clean water, wide streets, beautiful parks, remarkable trails, graceful neighborhoods, expansive recycling programs, and open green space.

Lincoln Police

Crime prevention and neighborhood safety go hand in hand.


A free service to list and find housing and services in Nebraska. Includes information about the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Building & Safety

The Building & Safety Department's responsibility is to assure that the health, fire, and housing safety needs of the public are maintained through adherence to those requirements established by law in the construction or use of every building in the community.

Urban Development

The goal of Urban Development is the revitalization and maintenance of low and moderate income communities as productive and vigorous parts of the city as a whole.

Health Department

The Health Department protects and promotes the public's health. When concerning properties, standing water and garbage abatement are the big issues.