Mayor’s Impact Fee Policy Task Force Committee

Charge Statement

The Task Force is charged with reviewing and proposing to the Mayor alternatives or modifications to the city's current impact fee policies and model.

All alternatives and/or modifications are expected to:

  • Be revenue neutral, in terms of the total impact fees collected; or
  • Propose a new source of revenue, to the extent total impact fees are reduced.
    • A "new" source of revenue does not mean a reallocation of existing resources.
    • Any new source of revenue should be politically realistic and achievable to the groups represented on the Task Force and actively supported by them.

During the course of the review, the Mayor requests specific consideration of the following alternatives:

  1. Elimination or reduction of water and wastewater impact fees with corresponding increases to the arterial street impact fees;
  2. Use of square footage or property values as a basis for calculating fees;
  3. Creation of more geographic flexibility in the use of impact fees, and elimination of the seven-year requirement for the expenditure of impact fees; and
  4. The use of a revolving fund concept plan in place of directed impact fees.

Phase I

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