A City Council public hearing for the One and Six Year Streets and Highways Improvement Program is scheduled for:

Date: August 5, 2013

Time: 3:00 p.m.

Place: City Council Chamber
555 South 10th St., Lincoln, NE

This public hearing is held to fulfill State statutory requirements and also serves as the public hearing for the City's Transportation Improvement Program.

All interested individuals are invited to attend this public hearing. Individuals unable to attend can submit their written comments to Roger Figard, City Engineer, Engineering Services, 901 West Bond Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68528, by August 15th, 2013.

City of Lincoln, Nebraska Public Works & Utilities Department---Phone: 402-441-7711

The One Year Program for Fiscal Year 2014 Lists Projects Proposed for Final Design, Right-of-way Acquisition, Construction or Engineering Study. These Projects Include:

  • East Beltway
  • 56th Street from Shadow Pines Drive to Old Cheney Road
  • 14th/Warlick/Old Cheney Road
  • NW 48th Street from 'O' Street to Adams Street
  • Old Cheney Road from 70th to 82nd Streets

The One Year Program Also Includes Projects Which Continue thru the Entire Six Year Program:

  • 'Traffic Optimization and Management Program'; 'Studies, Prelim Eng, ROW, Const and Computer Records'; 'Safety and Operational Improvement Program'; 'Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair'; 'Residential Rehabilitation and Intersection Improvement'; 'Roadway and Bridge Rehabilitation' and 'Impact Fees'.

The Second Through Sixth Year Program (Fiscal Years 2015-2019) Identifies any Continuation of Projects From Year One and Additional Projects That Are in Some Phase of Development or Will Enter the Street Planning Process. These Projects Include:

  • East Beltway
  • 14th/Warlick/Old Cheney Road
  • NW 48th Street from 'O' Street to Adams Street
  • North 10th Street & Military bridge
  • South Beltway
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Capital Program
  • Pine Lake Road from 61st Street to HWY 2
  • 9th Street from Van Dorn to South Street
  • HWY 2 from Van Dorn to south 14th Street
  • 33rd and BNSF Crossing
  • Sheridan Bridge